Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meaningful Print

Heart Words

Heart words are created by the students.  They are words that have the most meaning to each child.  The words chosen are unique to each child.  This experience gives the children the opportunity to reveal to the community what is important to them, what puts their mind to wonder, and what they think about.  Aside from this emotional connection, heart words provide an entryway into literacy.  Learning to read and write becomes easier when the words come from a place of love rather than a rote list.  Slowly, the children learn the letters in their heart words and start to hear and learn the sounds that each letter makes.

Description borrowed from a NAREA participating school.

We display this sign above our heart words

Each child's heart words are held together with a binder ring.  I add a small picture on the bottom to help them find their words. 

Examples of words that the students use: favorite color, foods, toys / special people in their life /  silly words like capow! / etc.

The heart words are hung in the writing zone, but the students take them to whatever area they need them.