Saturday, May 17, 2014

Number Cards

Work that is displayed around the room and on the walls reflect the value of children's interest and the process of their learning.  It communicates that their work is valued, and that this is their space.

The children have made many beautiful learning materials that are used by both the children and the teachers.

Child Made Number Cards 

The children were inspired by number cards made by the previous year's students.

"Who made that? Did we do that? I don't remember working on that?"

After that I explained that the work was done by another class they decided it would be better to make their own.

Wrote the numbers from 1 - 10 on small cards.

Illustrated a number set that matched the number.  
After each illustration the children counted to check their own work.  

Illustrations finished - now time for color!

Liquid Watercolors 

Finished Product!

We have the sweetest kids. After all their work they decided it wouldn't be right to take down the other class' work.

"They worked so hard on it for us.  They might be sad if we take it down."

After some discussion they decided to save their cards and give them as a gift to the next class.

"You can put it up next year and when they ask who made it you can say we did!"

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Light & Shadow Story Telling

There is always a voice when you use a hundred languages.  With the right materials, even the shyest of kids have a story to tell.

"Kitty, kitty where you going? Kitty, kitty where you going?"
"To catch a birdie? Fly away birdie! Fly up high to the tree."

"Get in your home and go to sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep little birdie."

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