Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!

Bubbles! Everyone loves them!

One of my favorite books is Bubble Bubble, by Mercer Mayer.  It is a good introduction to our bubble investigations.

Adding Bubbles to the Water Table
We start with them just using their hands to start creating bubbles, then we add tools to advance their play.

Tools we add to enhance the play:
1. hand held eggbeater 2. individual straws 3. containers for transferring water

Bubble Art
Once the children had a chance to explore bubbles at the water table, we then transfer what they learned to the art table.

Add liquid watercolor or food coloring to the bubbles solution - we usually have 3 or 4 colored bubble solutions in jars for the children to pick from.  The children share the colored bubbles, but have their own straw to blow bubbles with.

The photo above used both warm and cool colors. Mixing both types of colors can turn to a dirty brown color if not careful.  It is more ideal to use only cool colors (shades of blue and green) or warm colors (shades of reds and yellows).

Transferring the Bubbles to Paper

Have the students gently place a white sheet of paper on top of the bubbles.  The bubbles will leave a pretty print on the paper when lifted up. 

Another way to create bubble art is on the art easel.  Place the white paper on the easel and have them blow the colored bubble solution onto the paper using a bubble wand.  

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