Sunday, July 21, 2013

Self Portraits

Self Portraits...  A Study about Ourselves

The children take a closer look at the little details of their face.  From the curve of their eyebrows to the position of their ears - each detail is viewed as if it was the first time. Each drawing unique like the child who drew it.

The children look at a mirror and DISCUSS what they see.  They use their fingers to feel the curves and features of their face. When ready they use a Sharpie to draw what they see in the mirror making sure to add all the little details.  They go back and forth from looking in the mirror and drawing on the paper.  

"That's me!"

The finished portraits were used in other projects.

All About Me: Writing 

Lines and Curves
The face is made up of lines and curves.  Bringing it to the children's attention was my goal.
1. 8 x 10 photo of child 2. transparency paper & tape 3. Sharpie

friend's daughter

1. Tape the transparency to the photo  2.The children trace their features. 3. When finished I took the transparency and copied it onto tagboard. 4. The children painted their portrait with acrylic paint.

Clay Exploration