Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Preschool Literacy

But, Are They Learning?
"All they do is play all day, so how will they learn their abc's?"  This is a statement that is familiar to many early childhood teachers.

The following are just a few examples of how our students have a literacy rich experience.

Enjoying books in the reading nook.

Writing notes to their friends at the block zone.

Chalk Writing Outside

Dr Seuss

Graphing: Who Likes Green Eggs & Ham?

Dr Seuss Fish - drawing / painting fish then writing the color of fish they drew.



With Friends

Calendar Creation

Making a class birthday calendar.

Working together in a group to make the birthday calendar.

 Clay & Playdoh

Rolling playdoh "snakes" to form letters.

Transferring what they learned to clay.

Making an "alphabet line" using pictures of finished letters.

 Wipe-off Boards

Using Picture Cards

Adding a Picture to the Written Word

Writing Around the Room

Shared Reading & Read Aloud

Guiding the Class During Shared Reading
Assisting in Read Alouds

High School Mentors - Read Aloud

All About Me

Self Portrait Drawing / Writing

All About Me Poem

Take Home Books

SMART Board Poem - Shared Writing

Writing Material Available Outdoors
Eric Carle Collage - Adding Writing to Art Work

Adding Their Words To Their Drawings

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