Thursday, March 13, 2014

Birthday Calendar

Our students are always celebrating birthdays whether it is or isn't their actual birthday.  One way we helped them understand months and days better was to create a birthday calendar.

Different Types of Calendars

The first thing we did was look at different types of calendars. We discussed the holidays and events that occur during each month.  Their favorites were the ones with pictures.

Writing the Months

 Each child in the group picked the months they wanted to write.

Each month was glued to a large index card.

Drawing the Pictures

The students decided that they wanted to draw pictures that represented their favorite holidays and/or activities.

The pictures were cut and added to the index cards.

Writing Their Name

  Each child wrote their name on the month that their birthday falls on.

Meaningful Print

The month cards were place in the reading area.  Putting them at eye level makes them easy to view and invites conversation among friends.