Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Day In Pre-K


Morning Arrival
Our day begins with warm greetings as children and parents arrive, offering us an opportunity to reconnect with one another.  After hands are washed, children play inside until they hear the bell ring letting them know it is time to clean up.

“You wash your hands and then go play with your friends. When you hear the big bell it’s time for everyone to clean and sit on the carpet.”

We know the importance of starting each day with a full belly.  This also gives us an opportunity to visit with our friends before our workday starts.

 “I like going to breakfast. We get to sit by our friends and talk softly.”

Morning Meeting
Coming together as a group allows us to feel connected as a community.  Meeting time is crucial to the day’s events.  It is a time to discuss, consider and revisit previous experiences, providing continuity from day to day.  We also sing songs, read books, share news, and introduce new possibilities for the day.

 “We sing songs and dance.  Sometimes we read books and play games.”

Work Time
This is a time for children to explore their ideas, interest and theories.  Small groups emerge as children express and work through a problem or mystery.  Alongside of small groups are some of the staples of our classroom (free choice zones):
·     Art Activities: Paint, Clay, Woodwork,  & Wire Exploration, etc
·     Housekeeping / Dramatic Play
·     Building & Construction
·     Mathematical Concepts
·     Working on practical life activities

·    Writing notes / Dictation of stories / Creating   books

“Zones are my favorite.  We get to go play in the house and water.  I like painting with all the colors.”


During this time the children enjoy good food and good conversation.

“We go to the cafeteria to eat snack.  I like it when we get orange juice, but sometimes we get apple juice.”

Outdoor Play
The large open space gives the children the opportunity to negotiate social skills as they climb the structure, ride the bikes, and dig in the sand.

“We ride our bikes outside.  We have to take turns because there ain’t enough for everyone.”

Reflection Meeting
Our reflection meeting is an exciting time.  It’s a time for explaining work, asking questions, developing or revising theories, and helping each other to solve mysteries or problems that emerge from small group work.

“Reflection is when we sit and listen to kids.  We get to help them with a problem.”

Lunch is a time for children to nurture their bodies while enjoying each other’s company. 

“We eat lunch before we take a nap, so we are not hungry when we are sleeping.”

Nap Time
This is a time that children can relax to soft music and reflect on the day they just experienced. All children are encouraged to sleep, but some choose to do quiet activities on their mat or at a table.  Children nap until their parents arrive.

 “Nap time is when you lay down and when you wake up your mommy is there! I take a nap at school, but not at home.  I don’t get tired at home.”

Children are softly awakened by their parents.  This is a time to say goodbye to friends.

“When my mom comes I show her all the things I did.  I like it when she is here to wake me.”